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I believe in a world where “I deserve better,” isn’t just a dream when you’re laying in bed at night staring up at the ceiling… It's a reality in the now.


Hi, I'm Jen

I know what it’s like to live a life you just don’t feel fulfilled by. A life that just makes you lie in bed at night wondering, is this really it? 

But I also know what it’s like to live a life I can’t believe I created for myself. A life full of joy, happiness, love, freedom and so much MORE! Including all the time and financial freedom I could ever desire!

And I want the same for you! 

As a subconscious mindset expert, freedom alchemist and clinical hypnotherapist, with degrees in psychology and business, I am on a mission to help ambitious women stop settling and start going after their MORE.

More time, money, joy, freedom…. 

What is your more?

In my containers, we will dig deep into the subconscious work to help you shift your unwanted belief systems at their source. We then integrate the conscious work along side the subconscious to shift your world and make magic happen. 

This results in your limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome, fear of success/failure, not feeling worthy or enough, fear of visibility and so much more disappearing easily and permanently! It really is that easy.

And when you shift your mindset, anything truly is possible!

If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you've always got"

How You Can Work With Me


If you’re looking to save some money or a DIY option, then one of my courses might be perfect for you. A variety of price points to choose from.

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If you’re looking for the support of other individuals and to save a bit of money, group coaching might be your best option. (New stuff coming soon).


If you’re looking for tools tailored to your specific individual needs and personalized support then this is your best option.

💙 Client Love 💙

I cannot say how much I appreciate Jen and her processes. The mindset work is priceless, and as a coach, I can say that my own personal growth is always something I am working on. This past month Jen has cleared up one BIG block that I have had a difficult time determining what it was and why it was there. Releasing the “trust” block opened up a massive breakthrough where I finally believe in myself like I have literally not done before.

Jen’s relaxed, easygoing, intuitive nature makes it easy to open up and trust in her. Thank you Jen, a thousand times over, you saved me!

Suzie D.

Suzie pic

Such big growth in such a short time. I didn’t realize how many more things were hidden in my past that kept me small and struggling for money. The Hypnotherapy process is absolutely amazing and helps you really dig deep into those stories and reprogram them.  I feel that I am worthy to make as much money as I desire because I am me. I look at wealth from a different point of view now, by seeing what I can do with all the money I desire. And I feel worthy of having the life of my dreams. And this didn’t take year and years of work.


Jenn D.

Jenn D

I have spent years on my healing journey and thought I had reached an end. I even published a book about it. But as I was writing my book memories were coming up that were filling me with anger and rage but I couldn’t figure out why. After interviewing Jen on my show I knew I needed to work with her.

After 3 months working with her I can say she has changed my life. She was able to help me not only uncover my suppressed memories but heal the pain that surrounded them.

Thank you so much Jen!

Tina E.

Tina E