The first 6 figures is the hardest

One of the things I hear most often from new(er) entrepreneurs is why does it feel so hard? And the truth is the first 6 figures is the hardest. Once you get to that level, the next 6 figures gets to be so much easier.

There are two main reasons why it feels so hard. The first is that you have lots of limiting beliefs that are starting to come up that you need to work through. Until you do this the work will always be harder than it needs to be.

The second thing is you need to figure out the strategy. Even if you have a business degree like me there is a big difference between learning about business and actually starting your own business. It is a learning curve and you need to learn your own unique way of running a business that feels good to you and produces results.

And if you’re wanting to hit 6 figures quicker and easier there is a way to do it, mentorship. Having someone to show you a proven path and help you get them much faster than if you go it alone. 

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