Private Mentorship

Receive high-level support from me to start and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond. These are business and mindset strategies custom-tailored to you and your strengths and desires that also take into account your weaknesses and the things you don’t enjoy. Its all about helping you create time & financial freedom with a business you love!

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6 Month Private Mentorship

Longer-term container where we focus on getting your business strategy dialed in and your mindset rock solid so you can hit those 6 figure goals with more ease. We will work to remove all those limiting beliefs silently sabotaging you and create a business strategy that will have you bringing in more money with less hours worked each week. 

VIP Business and Mindset Half Day Intensive

In this half day intensive we work to remove the biggest limiting belief getting in your way of success right now and also put together a business strategy to help you overcome your biggest business roadblock. You will leave this session knowing success is available to you and having a plan to make it happen.

90-Minute Business Intensive

We are going to accomplish a lot in a short period of time in this session. We are going to focus on the area of your business where you need the most help right now and design a custom plan just for you. This is all help and no fluff custom tailored to exactly what you need right now to start bringing in more revenue.

Meet your mentor

💙 Jen Gutfriend

Jen knows what it takes to build a successful 6 figure plus company that gives you time and financial freedom. As a mindset and business strategist, and clinical hypnotherapist, with a degree in business and psychology, she has helped countless other women just like you create the life and business of their dreams.

With private mentorship, she’ll not only show you the exact customized steps you need to take to grow to 6 figures and beyond, but also the mindset needed to make it happen. And the mindset work makes the path to success so much easier and faster. 

And it’s all about creating a business you love! No cookie cutter, one size fits all process here.