How you’re blocking money and abundance in your business

Did you know you could actually be blocking money and abundance from coming into your business and life. And it’s got nothing to do with marketing or business strategy and everything to do with what’s going on in your mind.

The money stories we tell ourselves can be the difference between a struggling business and a wildly successful business. I’m going to show you how to uncover the thoughts that might be stopping you from achieving that dream business and what you can do to start shutting them down for good! Are you ready to make that happen?

Are you ready to ditch those money blocks and feelings of not being good enough or worthy of wealth and success? Are you ready to make achieving 6 figures and beyond easy and fun?

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Podcast Transcript

Prefer to read. Here’s a transcript of the episode. 

Hey. Hey, ladies, and welcome back to another episode of the six figure female Entrepreneur podcast. I am so excited you are here today because I am talking about a topic that I am so passionate about, something that I struggled with were for so many years in my entrepreneurial journey that held me back. And I see it in all the women I work with. 

Like, literally, we all have these struggles, and that’s why I’m so passionate about talking about it, about helping people with it, because this one thing can really make or break your success in business. These are the things this one thing can really be the difference between success and you giving up on your business. And I don’t want to see any woman give up on her business because we all started our business for a reason. Whether that was time, freedom, financial freedom, both because we wanted to do something that lit us up every day rather than going to a soul-sucking job. That was my reason. I dreaded waking up and going to a job that sucked the life out of me. And I also desired that time and financial freedom as well. 

And you’re probably going, Jen, okay, we understand. We feel the same way. What is this one thing? And that one thing is your relationship with money. Your relationship and thoughts around your money can actually be blocking you from receiving the money and abundance you truly desire in your life. And the thing is, we all have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with money unless you grew up in a very wealthy family with no issues and no money problems and no bad talk around money at all, which doesn’t happen. Even the wealthy people have stories around money and beliefs around money. So we all have these. And your relationship with money has a direct correlation with how much money you will allow yourself to earn. And I see this as one of the number one blocks next to self worth and feeling good enough that I see in women that prevents them from actually allowing themselves to have the wealth they desire. 

See, the thing is, we all are exposed to these unhealthy money stores growing up, things that you think, oh, those weren’t a big deal. Hearing things as a child such as, oh, what do you think money grows on trees? Oh, we can’t afford that. Rich people are evil, rich people are greedy. Like all of those things. You’re probably thinking about something in your mind right now, something you heard your parents say, grandparents say, close family member, friends, whatever it is, you’re probably even finding yourself going, oh, and I say those things to my kids. And the thing is, it’s not your fault. These are things, these patterns that can be in families for dozens of generations. These are things that we’re passing on from one parent to the next child to the next child, and they’re just unconscious in our mind. 

That’s the thing with a lot of these beliefs. They’re hiding in our unconscious. We don’t even realize we’re saying them, and we don’t realize the impact and the power that our words. And the influential people like people in our lives, how their words impact us. But these words are so powerful. These phrases, these negative phrases around money actually get dug down into our subconscious, and they stay there and they actually prevent us from getting what we desire in our life. 

For me, this showed up as you have to work hard for your money. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My dad had a company outside the home, plus we had the family farm, so we had two companies. But my dad’s main company kept him away a lot. I always heard as a kid, if you want to make good money, you have to work really hard for it. That was just common then. I also seen it so that not only was I told you have to work hard for money, but I barely ever seen my dad growing up because his company kept him away. So there was a lot of days where I would wake up for school early in the morning and he would already be gone at work. And then when I went to bed at night, sometimes he still wasn’t home. So there would be months on end during his busy season where I would barely ever see him because he was just gone all the time. So along with being told, oh, you have to work hard for money, I seen that. So my young mind took that in and went, see, you can make a lot of money, but you have to be away. You have to sacrifice. It takes a lot of hard work. And my mind actually imprinted that in my subconscious. 

So then when I started my first business in my mid 20s, that thing started showing up. That belief was front and center in my business because at first, business was easy, relatively easy. It wasn’t like super easy, but because I leveraged my existing business network from my corporate life, I was able to get a few clients right off the bat. Like, it was quick, it was easy. I had those first few clients and I was thinking to myself, wow, this is a whole lot easier than I thought it was going to be. And when I said that, that just triggered everything in my mind because all of a sudden my mind goes, what do you mean? This is that conversation that’s going on in my mind. It’s like, what do you mean it’s easy? Business isn’t supposed to be easy. Look at all our programs. Our programs are saying, business is hard. You’re making this too easy. We can’t have this too easy. Because if it’s too easy, then something’s wrong. So inside my mind my mind started sabotaging me to make it harder. So all of a sudden, yes, those first few clients were easy. The next few clients were hard. I worked my butt off and it took me a long time to get those next few clients to build my business. Up to my old corporate income. It took me my first three clients I got in three months. I didn’t get to my old corporate income until I think it was a year and a half into my business, two years. It was a lot of work. And I was the one making it a lot of work because my mind was saying, you believe this is hard work? It can’t be easy because those are our belief systems. Because unfortunately, that’s how our mind works. I say this all the time. 

Our mind gives us what it thinks we want, and what it thinks we want is based off of our belief systems, those subconscious beliefs. So for me, my mind believed that work has to be hard. So because I believed work has to be hard, my mind has to give that to me. It has to make things hard. Because in order for my mind to believe I’m worthy and deserving of this, I have to work hard for it. I can’t allow it to be easy because that goes against my programs. Fast forward. Now, I’ve worked through those belief systems, I was able to uncover and remove those belief systems. So now I actually allow myself to make money with ease. I’m changing my belief system so that I can allow it. But we all have some sort of story like that. And as long as we have those money blocks, those money stories, those negative money stories, we won’t actually allow ourselves to have the financial abundance, to have the business success, to have it be easy because it goes against those money blocks. It goes against those money stories that we’ve been telling ourselves our entire lives. 

Another big money block I had, along with it having to be hard, I worked through that one before I started this business. So when I started this business, I started allowing things to be easy. Right from the start, I allowed myself to feel those easy feelings. But then about a year and a half, two years into my journey, another money block comes up. Because that’s the thing about limiting beliefs and blocks, is there’s multiple layers to these. So we can work on all the deep, heavy stuff at the start, we can clear it all out. But then every time we get to a new level in our business, a new income level, a new level of prosperity, a new level of abundance in our life, new limiting beliefs, new blocks are going to pop up. But just know that once you work through those initial ones, those deep, hard ones at the start, working through the rest of them gets to be a whole lot easier. So I found myself about a year and a half, two years into my business, hitting this new income barrier, this new level that was amazing and expansive and abundant. It was wonderful. 

But once I got to that level, I was finding myself holding myself back again. I was finding myself self sabotaging. I was doing those things that show up when we have a limiting belief. So because I do the work, because mindset is a big part of the business, I automatically recognized it. And I went out and worked with one of my colleagues to get some help. And so we dove into a hypnotherapy session to easily uncover, why am I doing this? Why am I self sabotaging myself at the moment? And the belief that came up for me was the fear of losing money. Because, see, when I was a teenager, my dad made lots of money. My dad’s company was very prosperous. I had a very comfortable life growing up. I didn’t want for a whole lot. We weren’t really wealthy. We didn’t have a lot of fancy things. But I had the stuff that I really loved. I had my horses. I rode horses competitively. I had my own vehicle. We had a beautiful farm out in the country. But then my dad’s business, the whole economy surrounding the industry and the town I grew up literally crapped out in a matter of six months. 

It went from abundant, and everyone’s being told, get more work. Do more. This economy is just booming. Things are great, to all of a sudden, some political things happening, and next thing you know, half the people in our town lost their jobs. And when people lost their jobs, my dad’s company lost a lot of its contracts. And all of a sudden, we went from abundance and lots of money to almost no money. And then this went on for a while, and it got to a point where my parents actually had to declare bankruptcy because they couldn’t do it anymore because there was just no money coming in. The economy had crashed. And I didn’t realize how profound this was on me. 

And this was all going on in my grade twelve year of school. So when I’m supposed to be out having fun and partying with my friends and doing grad parties and all that fun stuff, I’m worried about, can we pay the bills? What’s going to happen? Where are we going to end up? Because my parents had talked about, oh, we’re moving. We’re going somewhere. We don’t know where. So I’m thinking, okay, my summer before college, and I’m supposed to be having fun and enjoying life. I’m probably not even going to be here. So we literally stayed around. I literally went to my college or my high school graduation. I went to what you would call prom. We don’t call them prom here in Canada, but like, my grad ceremony and my dance, and then we packed up and left two days later. And that, I didn’t realize at the time, was very traumatizing to me. And I created a belief system that it’s a lot easier to just not have money than it is to have money and lose it. 

Because I lost a lot of things that meant a lot to me at the time. My animals, my horses, that farm were all the most important things in my life. All I seen for myself going forward at 18 was I was going to go up to college, get an education. I was coming back to the farm. I was going to breed and train and ride horses competitively and do that for a living and live on the farm and do that full time. And literally overnight, all of my dreams disappeared. Everything. And that really traumatized me. So in this business, when I started getting that higher level success and getting to a level I hadn’t been at before, my mind goes. Ah, Jen, because you’re just going to lose it. It’s just going to all go away. Why bother having all of this if you’re just going to lose it? So I started sabotaging myself because there was that deep fear of having all these amazing things again and them just being ripped away from me. And so that really held me back from truly allowing myself to have that abundance. 

But because I had done the deeper work, I recognize that a block was coming up. I was able to go in and uncover this block and then with the hypnotherapy, easily remove it. And because I could remove it, it doesn’t hold me back anymore. I could have fought with that for years and struggled with that for years and pushed up against this glass ceiling, but instead I could quickly and easily remove that. And that’s the power of hypnotherapy. And I’m going to be talking about that in episode eight. I’m going to be doing a whole episode on just hypnotherapy and how powerful it is. But just know that this changes things. 

And my story is just some of the money blocks out there with my clients. I have heard so many different money stories, so many past experiences around money and people’s thoughts around money. Another one I see so often among women I work with is that I can make money, but I can’t keep it. So women may even within the corporate world. This happened to me in corporate too. And I see women coming up to this. So they get a big increase in income, they get a big raise, or their business all of a sudden has a really big month. Like I’ve had a client where she had average 2000 $3,000 per month. And then she created this amazing new program. She had a big launch, I think it was like $75,000 launch, like huge. And then the next two months she made absolutely no money because those money blocks were jumping in going, oh my God, you don’t know how to handle this kind of money. What are you going to do with this money? And of that big income, that 75,000, she ended up blowing most of it because her mind wasn’t wired for that level of wealth. She wasn’t able to accept that into her frequency. So when she received this big influx of cash, she went and spent it on a bunch of things. She couldn’t hold on to that because it wasn’t in alignment with what her mind thought she should have. And I see this all the time. 

I’ll see women make an extra $10,000 and then something happens. Their car breaks down and all of a sudden they need a $10,000 engine in their vehicle. It’s kind of like their mind and the universe are working together going, you’re not ready for this. You don’t think you can have this, you don’t think this is available to you. So we’re going to show you. That’s true. So things just happen when you start making more money. That prevent you from keeping more money. It’s so common. I see it all the time. 

And you’re probably going, oh, you know what? I think that’s been happening to me. Because a lot of times women don’t even realize this is going on. On, they don’t realize because maybe they’re not tracking their money, maybe they’re not paying attention to, oh, well, last month I made $2,000 more, but I still have no money left over. And we may go spend it on new courses, new programs. We may go buy ourselves something nice. We may go pay for a vacation. And we think, oh, it’s no big deal. But inside your mind it is. Because something is going on in there. Because if your mind won’t allow you to keep that kind of money, it’s not going to allow you to get to that next level of income, get to that next level of abundance in your business and in your life. 

So we need to start uncovering these mindset and money blocks because as long as you have them, you’re going to hold yourself back in a way, you’re going to silently sabotage yourself. And procrastination and perfectionism are two of the biggest signs that you have a block, that you have a money block. And as long as you’re doing those things, you’re going to stop yourself from getting to those big income goals. I see this so often with women when they get close to $100,000 years. All of a sudden, it gets super hard. All of a sudden, all these negative things start coming up in their mind. And it’s just our mind’s way of keeping us safe, because that’s the mind’s job. Our mind’s number one job is to keep us safe. And in a way, this new level of abundance, this new level of wealth is unsafe because it’s unknown. So as much as consciously we want these things, our mind is freaking out, going, can we handle this? Is this available? Are people going to think we’re mean, are people going to think we’re rude? Are people going to think we’re rich and bad? People like your mind’s just got all these thoughts going on in its mind and we need to learn to deal with those things or not going to allow ourselves to continue growing and to continue getting more and more abundance. 

So it’s really important that we address these money blocks. And something you can do to start working on this today is just start paying attention to your thoughts. I know this sounds really simple, but a lot of times we have thousands of thoughts going through our mind every day. And most of us, we don’t even pay attention to good, bad, indifferent. But by starting to really pay attention to your thought patterns, you’re going to start uncovering what some of these money blocks might be for you. Things like rich people are evil, making money is hard. Money doesn’t grow on trees. You might start hearing phrases from when you were a child. And it’s really important to pay attention to these things, and I say even write them down to see if there’s patterns because this is going to open your eyes as to what you need to work with and even more powerful. I know not everyone’s into journaling, but if this is something that resonates with you, grab yourself a journal, sit down and ask yourself, why am I blocking money in my business and life? Why am I blocking abundance for. Myself and just allow yourself to write what comes up. 

There’s actually scientific proof. Some psychological studies have studied this. And there’s something about putting pen to paper. We can actually access parts of our brain and our subconscious that we can’t access by thinking or talking things out. It only comes out through that pen to paper. So grab yourself a pen and paper and just ask yourself some deeper questions. Ask yourself why you’re doing these things and just see what thoughts come out. Sometimes you just consciously have to write things, even if it’s, this is stupid. I don’t know how this is going to work. I don’t know how these thoughts are affecting money and blah, blah, blah. And you’re going to start writing. And then all of a sudden, thoughts are going to start popping up and you’re going to start writing those thoughts and then they’re going to get deeper and deeper and you’re going to start noticing thoughts come up that you didn’t even know were there and these profound things. And then you’re going to go back and read this and go, oh, I totally see now why I’m struggling with money. I’m seeing these patterns now. I’m seeing these thoughts coming up. And having that insight into your mind is going to help you so much because when you understand what thoughts you have that are holding you back, you can start working to remove them. 

And of course, I’m all about the hypnotherapy. I’m all about removing the blocks, removing them at the source. But not everybody’s ready to take that leap, and that’s okay. So if you’re wanting to start getting some relief, if you’re not quite ready to do the deeper work, then start just consciously paying attention and working through these. Whenever a negative thought starts popping up, just stop it. Don’t allow those negative thoughts to continue. The sooner you can just put an end to it and go, stop brain. Not now. I don’t want this. Get rid of it and then turn it around and just be like, this is what I want instead. And at first it’s going to feel difficult and it’s going to feel weird, but just try it. Give it a try and see what happens. And you’re going to find that those negative thoughts pop up less often. And by replacing them with more positive thoughts, you’re going to find those more positive thinking things start popping up more often. So it’s something that’s simple and easy that you can start doing right now that can help you start getting those little steps towards the abundance you want that can help you take those steps towards creating that life and business you desire. And of course, if you want the bigger leaps, if you want to do the deeper work, then of course hypnotherapy is my go to. It is the one thing that truly changes things. And like I said in episode number eight, I’m going to be doing a whole episode on the power of Hypnotherapy, how it works. I’m going to be busting all the myths around it, all the things that maybe you’ve heard, and give you a true insight into it. And that way you can make an informed decision on if it is right for you, because maybe it’s not, and that’s okay. 

But if you’re wanting those quick changes, if you’re wanting to reprogram your mind at the source where you create these money blocks, then that’s the most powerful way to do it. And if you actually just want to give it a try, maybe you’ve never tried Hypnotherapy before. I have an amazing four week course where I walk you through two of the most common limiting beliefs that women have money blocks, which we’ve been talking about, those feelings of being worthy and deserving of money. 95% of women don’t feel like they are worthy or good enough. And that reflects in your business, that reflects in your income, and it reflects in how much money you will allow yourself to have. So this program focuses on those two money blocks specifically, along with some other conscious mindset work that’s going to help you start removing those two limiting beliefs, start consciously calling in more money, start bringing more abundance into your business and life. And the great thing is, this course is only $111. That is it. 

I wanted to make this program so reasonable and so accessible to everybody, to help all the entrepreneurs early on in their journey. Because sometimes we don’t always have a lot of money to spend to work on ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of extra income because we’re not making a lot of extra income. So I created this course to be that introductory offer to help you get through those two biggest roadblocks, those two biggest limiting beliefs that I see come up. Because when you remove those, you start allowing yourself to receive more money. When you feel worthy and deserving of money, you allow it into your life, you start charging more, you start showing up more. When you remove the money blocks, you start allowing that abundance into your life. You don’t allow negative thoughts around money to get in your way anymore. So if you’re wanting to give Hypnotherapy a try, if you’re ready to ditch those two most common beliefs, then head into the comments and grab yourself a copy of this course now. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. And I’ve made it even more accessible by having a two payment plan. So if you can’t afford $111 US. Right now, you can get it for two payments of only $60 monthly payments. I’m sure everybody can go and find $60 a month to grab this program.

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t get in your own way, if those thoughts around money just weren’t even there. Imagine if you woke up and you thought to yourself, I can do absolutely anything I set your mind to and you went out and did it. And happens when you start removing those limiting beliefs. So, if you’re ready to start removing your limiting beliefs and you’re ready to do it today, ready to get rid of them once and for all, then head down into the show notes, click the link and grab your copy today. You are going to be so happy that you did.