How to set goals and actually achieve them

If you’re like me the conventional way of setting goals just doesn’t work. And then when I didn’t achieve my goals, I would beat myself up and wonder what was wrong with me. Sound familiar?

We are not alone. I have heard from many clients that they felt the same way over the years. That is until I introduced them to a new way of goal setting. A way that actually works. 

Listen in as I share how I now set goals in my business and actually achieve them and maybe it will work for you as well! And it actually really simplifies the success process! And you know I’m all about making things as simple and easy as possible!


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Podcast Transcript

Hey. Hey, ladies, and welcome back to another episode. And I’m talking about a topic that kind of can get people’s blood boiling a little bit. Some a topic that some people are like, oh, not again. And that’s goal setting. But today I want to talk to you in a different way about goals, in a way that actually is probably gonna feel good, feel more attainable and more achievable for you. Because if you’re like me, the old way of goal setting just didn’t work. I found it so hard and so confusing and it felt like there was something wrong with me. Like, why can’t I do it until I found a better way? And when I mentioned this to all my clients, they’re like, oh, my God, why didn’t I know about this sooner?

Because the thing is, the old way of doing goals, the supposed smart goals, we all know what those are about. If you worked in corporate I remember getting inundated I remember in my corporate career, it’s like all these big numbers are thrown at me. And this is your goal, and you have to achieve it by the end of the year and work your ass off to achieve this goal. I don’t care if it takes you 1214 hours days, you’re going to achieve your goals. And we sit down and we plan out our goals, or at least a lot of the companies I work with, we had to sit down in these planning meetings once a year, and we we had to figure out what our goal for the year was. And every year our goals would get bigger. And every year we had to come up with a plan of how we were going to achieve this goal. And of course, God forbid you didn’t achieve your goal at the end of the year. Oh, there’s something wrong with you. Oh, poor you. Shame on you. And I think that’s a lot of the problems are coming from is if you came from a corporate background like me, especially if you were in a sales role or somewhere where it involved having to achieve a certain sales number or a certain amount of revenue, you were shamed a lot by not having those numbers come in. And I hear this from so many women today.

I want to share with you a better way of setting goals for yourself so that you’re not disappointing yourself, so that you’re not feeling like you failed or there’s something wrong with you. Because that’s what happens as women when we set goals and don’t achieve them. We beat ourselves up. And ladies, let me tell you right now, you need to stop beating yourself up. These are just financial goals. This is not life or death. So do not be beating yourself up if you do not achieve your goals, because it’s actually going to make it even harder for you to achieve your goals the next time. Because the thing is, the more we talk down to ourselves, the more we belittle ourselves, the more our brain hears these things and takes it in as, oh, well, you suck. You didn’t achieve your goals. You’re never going to do this. Who do you think you are? And the brain goes, oh, this is how she thinks. This is what she wants. Okay, we’re just going to make sure she never cheese her goal because this is how she’s talking. Because remember, the brain is listening. And the brain gives us what it thinks we want. And what it thinks we want is the things we say to ourselves. So by talking down to your self, by saying these things, you’re actually stopping yourself from actually. Getting what you want. So let’s dive into a better goal setting way.

So one, ditch the smart goals, and I know everyone goes, but this is the way of doing it. This is the way I was taught. It doesn’t work anymore or it doesn’t work for everybody. There is a small subset of people who this works for, and if it works for you, then that’s great, stick with it. Don’t listen to what I’m saying. But if the smart goals, if the old way of doing it is not working for you, I’ve got a different way and give this a try, because if you’re like me, this may feel easier, it may feel better, and it may feel way more achievable.

So the first thing you want to do is instead of setting one year goals, you’re going to set quarterly goals. And I know you’re like, what about those one year goals? Like, I want to hit six figures in a year. Okay, six figures in a year. But what is that in three months? Because the biggest problem with one year goals is it’s so far away. Like, when you start off the New Year and you set those resolutions for yourself following New Year, it’s a distant thought. It’s really hard to comprehend who you’re going to be and what your life situation is going to look like from one year from now. Plus, in some goals, it seems like, oh, well, I’ve still got lots of time. And I hear that all the time is people set goals at the beginning of the year, okay, I’m going to hit six figures this year. I still got one, two whole month to do that. And then it’s, oh, I got ten whole months, I can still do this. Even though they’re not hitting regular goals, they’re not increasing their income, they’re not on track to hit that goal. But it’s like, oh, what, I still got time. And then what usually happens is September, October, November rolls around and people go, oh crap, I’m nowhere near hitting six figures. And then they start to hustle. They start to get into that panic mode of I got to do everything. They’re trying to all of a sudden push, and they’re trying to be everywhere, and they’re trying to do all this stuff, and then they’re in this panic mode, and they’re coming from this energy of desperation rather than an energy of, I got this, I know what I’m doing, I have a plan in place. I’m going to hit my goals. So by setting year long goals, this is quite often the cycle that happens. So by instead breaking those goals down and going down into three month goals instead, it looks like it’s more achievable, it’s more immediate. So there’s that immediacy to setting these goals and actually starting to tackle them right away.

And when it comes to these goals, I only want you to set two or three big goals for this three month timeline. And this includes both business and personal goals. Because even in your personal life, these are going to spill into business, all of these things. You only have so much capacity to take on new things to exert your energy. So I want you to think about two to three goals only for your business and personal life. And seasons change. Sometimes you’re going to have more personal goals than you have business, and sometimes they’re all going to be business goals. That’s perfectly okay, but don’t be trying to overwhelm yourself self. With five to ten goals to be accomplished in a three month period, you’re just setting your. Self up for failure when you do that because you know, off the bat, you’re probably not going to do that, but you’re trying to push yourself to do it anyway, and that’s just not going to work.

So now that you’ve got your two to three big goals that you want to achieve by the end of your three months, that 90 day period, now you need to break those three goals into smaller goals. So I want you to take a piece of paper now, and I want you to write each goal at the top of one sheet of paper. And then below that, you need to write out specific things that need to be accomplished, mini goals to achieve that big goal. So let’s say you’re putting out your first course. We’ll use that as an example. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to write that course at the top of your page, that you’re going to launch that by the end of the 90 days. Well, then you need to write down, okay, if I’m going to launch this at the end of the 90 days, what are the exact steps, what are the things I need to accomplish in order to do that? So this could be things like writing the sales page, putting the course together, promoting the course, having a launch plan, delivering the course, having the back end stuff set up, promoting it, finding the people you see where I’m going, like getting as detailed as you possibly can and doing that for each one of the goals. So write that down, have your list.

And now that you’ve got your three goals broken down into smaller goals, now what you’re going to do is break these down into weekly goals. So you’ve got your three months, and you can take a calendar, you can take a to do list. You can just take a blank sheet of paper. And what you need to do is decide on the order, what things need to be done first. So what you can do is have weeks one through week 13 and say, you’re putting this course together. You’re not going to wait till the very end to start promoting or putting that course together. There’s kind of a logical process you have to follow. So now what you want to do is put those processes, put those tasks into a logical order. So over the next 13 weeks, what is the first thing you need to accomplish? What do you need to do in week one? Like, if you need to have a landing page set up before you can start promoting, you’re probably going to have that in week one. You might not need to have the course done because a lot of times I like to say presell the course. But you see what I’m talking about. What is the logical order? What needs to be done before what, what needs to be done where? So put together an example or your best guess of the logical order of how these should be done, in what week they should be done, when these should be done, and now go and break that down again. So do that for each of those. Write out those lists and write out what week you have to do that in. It’s that simple.

Now, you’ve just taken this big goal that you want to accomplish in 90 days, and now you know every week exactly what you need to accomplish and next step, which can be done in two ways. So depending on the type of personality you have, there’s two different ways you can do this. So now that you’ve broken it down as far as having a weekly goals. List. So you know that each week what needs to be done in order to achieve this one specific goal at the end of 90 days. Now what you need to do is break that down into your week. If you’re like me, you don’t have a constant stream of energy every day of the week. Like I don’t have three or 4 hours a day of constant energy. Where I am, High Vibe can do anything and get it accomplished every day. Me, I’m more of an up and down person. So on Monday I may be Low Vibe only have an hour or two of good energy, but then on a Tuesday I maybe have 8 hours of energy. So what I do is I have my weekly list there and I try and prioritize it and put like if things are really important, I’ll put a star beside them. I’ll number them from the most important to the least important. And then what I do is on a Monday’s morning, say I’ll wake up in the morning and I check in with my energy. Okay. How am I feeling? Like this week I was vibing. On Monday I felt amazing. It’s like woohoo, I’m ready to take on the day. Which isn’t normally a Monday Vibe for me. I’m not normally like dragging my butt, but Mondays can be a little on the slower side getting going. But this Monday it was like Woohoo, let’s go. What am I going to accomplish? Let’s give her and so I went to my list and right away went to those High Vibe activities. What are those big things? Like recording this podcast could be one of them. Putting up a sales page, doing sales calls, those kind of things. Are those High Vibe energy a day activities. So I put those in and I do those. And then yesterday when I woke up, I was feeling crappy, I was low energy, I was just feeling exhausted. So I was doing the lower Vibe activities, I was doing the back end side of setting up web pages, I was planning up some social media content, just doing the brainstorming, the lower energy stuff. But it’s still on my list, it’s still things that I have to accomplish, but I’m just doing them in a different order. And then by Friday I’m still getting things accomplished. And most days I actually had my to do list done by Wednesday or Thursday, just depending on how my energy is throughout that week. So then Thursday and Friday I can do other activities or I can make more time for fun. So you can see, if you’re like me and you don’t have that constant flow of energy, if you don’t like working at that set hours of eight to four or nine to noon or whatever it is you like that flexibility, then this is the way of doing it.

But if you’re like some people who really like structure and like to have things. Like, they need to have something to do. They need to have an outline, they need to have things. Then what you need to do then is the week. Either at the start of the week or I find most people like this, prefer at the end of the previous week, is what you’re going to do is you’re going to take that to do list for the next week, and you’re going to write out exactly which day you’re going to accomplish that on. So you can go monday, I’m doing doing tasks one, two and three. Tuesday, three, four and five. And you’re literally just putting. Them into your calendar. You can even block off space in your calendar. That is task time where you’re just specifically working on these goal setting tasks that you have set for yourself. But again, remember, don’t add more goals just for the sake of adding goals. These task lists should only have the most important things. If it is not something you have to do in order to achieve that goal, then take it off your list because all that’s doing is adding things to your to do list to make you feel busy. You want to be focusing on the important tasks that are actually moving the needle and are actually making money. Remember the revenue generating activities. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to episode seven where I’m talking about this, where I talk about the important tasks, not the make work tasks, but the important tasks.

And you’re going to find along with these goal setting tasks, you’re going to have some tasks that are just part of a weekly thing. So you’re going to have these tasks that are tied to a goal, but you’re also going to have specific tasks that reoccur every week. Those ones are one your newsletter list because that’s important. Another one is your social media. So whatever your plan is, again, we talked about this, it’s about consistency. So whether that’s five posts a week, three posts a week, seven posts a week, whatever it is for you, it’s that consistency. So having that task to check off each day to say, yeah, I did today’s social media post. Monday is social media day. I did my post, it’s posted it’s good client interaction, sales calls, those things, things that are every week. And you can just have two lists if you want. You can add it to the bottom of your goal list. However it works for you. It’s making it the easiest way possible. But the important thing is having these tasks, checking off these tasks and getting them done in order. Because the nice thing is when you break it down into simple, easy tasks, it makes it a whole lot easier to accomplish it. So if each week you’re checking off the tasks, each week you’re getting yourself closer and closer and closer to achieving that goal. And wouldn’t that be amazing? Like if each week you knew exactly what you needed to do to get you one step closer. So at the end of the 90 days, you’ve completely achieved that goal you’ve set for yourself.

And the great thing about this, because I’m all about time and financial freedom, is you’re going to get way more done in less time because you’re going to be so focused when you wake up in the morning, you know exactly what you need to accomplish. So you can literally tick things off the box, get them done, and then you’re not wasting time. Whereas if you’re like wake up in the morning and oh, what should I do today? Oh, maybe I’ll work on my website. Maybe I’ll do this and then you get down that rabbit hole of non revenue generating activities and into the make work activities where you’re feeling constructive, but you’re not, but you maybe don’t know you’re doing them. So then you’re getting frustrated when you’re not achieving your goals. This completely puts a halt to that, because if it’s not on your list, it doesn’t need done. Unless you’re done all the other activities, like if you’re like, oh, but I’ve been wanting to update a bit of copy on my website, but it’s not really tied to a specific goal. Fine, put that on a want to do list and have a want to do list set aside. And then one day, if you’re finished early and you want to do some of those want to do activities, go do those want to do activities. But you always prioritize the goal tasks first. These are your number one priority. And by doing this, you’re going to get yourself close to those goals in. You’re actually going to achieve your goals.

And the process is really that simple. Set two to three goals, break those goals down into smaller goals, and then take those smaller goals and break them down into a task list. Specific things that need to be accomplished to achieve those many goals, and then allocate those to a specific week from week one to 13 throughout that three month period. And you’re going to notice that by breaking goals down in this way, you’re going to find them easier to accomplish. You’re actually going to get them done. And because they’re more urgent, you’re going to have that desire and that want and that need. Plus you’re getting that external validation.

As human beings, we don’t thrive on internal validation. It’s really hard for us to keep going and keep motivated on the, oh, it’s coming to us. As human beings, we are motivated by actual validation, by actually achieving those goals, by actually making money. So when we do goals in this way and we start achieving our goals in these 90 day periods, our mind is more motivated to want to keep doing it. It’s like, wow, look what we just accomplished in 90 days. Maybe you were launching a new program and you made 25, 3200, whatever, thousand dollars. All of a sudden your mind’s like, wow, that’s amazing. I want to do it again. So then you set another big goal for the next three month period, and your mind and your body and your energy is just in that motivation of let’s get this done, look what we did, look what we can do. Wow, we’re doing this. Where if it spread out over a year, you’re going to find after six months it’s like, oh, I’m still not at 100,000, I’m still at a quarter of the way there. When am I ever going to get there? You don’t have that external motivation, that external validation to help you go and keep going and keep you motivated. So not only is this helping you in a goal setting way, but it’s helping keep you motivated. It’s keeping your mind going. It’s keeping you in that energy of, oh yes, I can do this.

Plus, psychology shows that there’s this connection, something about checking checklists off. It literally gives us a dopamine hit. So if you’ve ever made a list and you’ve been checking stuff off, you feel good. And that’s because our body likes that by literally checking things off a list. That’s why I like to print mine out. So I have my weekly list that I print out every week with little checkboxes that I just check off. And it’s like, woohoo, there’s another one. Woohoo, there’s another one. And as I’m going through my week and seeing all these. Things checked off. I’m feeling good, the dopamine is flowing. And I’m like, yes, I got this. And it keeps you motivated to keep going. Whereas if you’re plugging away at a goal and there’s really no indicator of how far you’ve come or what you’ve done, and you don’t really not paying attention, because we don’t it’s like we just get into the task. We doing things, and a lot of times we get overwhelmed, and then when we get overwhelmed, we don’t want to do things, and then we shut down. And then a lot of times we give up. Where this keeps us motivated, it keeps us going. It keeps our eye on the prize, because that eye on the prize is so much closer. Like 90 days is like, in our mind, we can go, oh, I can see that. I can feel that. I know it’s coming. I want to keep working on it. Whereas twelve months from now, it’s like that’s twelve months from now. That’s why so many goals and New Year’s resolutions and those things are so hard to achieve, is because we’re looking too far out. We’re not focusing on the immediate future and what it’s doing to us.

So I want you to take some time today and give this a try and try it for the next 90 days. Give it your all. Put everything into it. Follow it to a T and see what happens. Give it a real shot. Because trying this for two or three weeks isn’t going to give you a real idea if this is going to work for you, because two or three weeks doesn’t give you enough time to achieve these goals. So set yourself these 90 day goals now. Put together your big goals, put together your smaller goals, and start putting together your task list and just start working through this. See how it feels. Try the set days. Try the go with the flow type days. See which one feels better for you. And then let me know at the end of the 90 days, how did it work out for you? How did it feel? Did you actually achieve your goals? Did it help you stay motivated? Were there other good things involved that you want to keep going? Or maybe this really isn’t for you, and that’s okay because as I tell everybody, this is a staple in all of my programs.

All the courses, all the work I do is business is not one size fits all. So the things I teach you may not resonate with you. They may not it may not work for you, because we all have different personalities. We all have different ways of doing things. We all have different strengths, and we need to play to those things. So if this really doesn’t resonate and you’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work, okay, no problem. Tweak it, change it, find something else that does, and find something until it does work. That’s what business is all about. It’s failing until you find the right thing. Trying something. See how it fits. See how it works in your business. See if it’s actually going to work for you. That’s going to produce the results you want. And if it doesn’t, you try something new. If it does, you keep it and you keep working it. And you keep doing that until you find the systems that are perfect for you, perfect for your business. And you get in that flow where you’re constantly bringing in sales. Constantly bringing in leads and it gets to be easy. And you’ve got all the systems in place where it just literally you sit back and you’ve got it all figured out and you get there.

But you have to fail your way to getting there. It takes that trial and error and finding the things that work for you. So try this out. See if it works for you. See if this will help you achieve your goals. And if it does, stick to it and keep nailing those goals. Keep smashing through those goals, and you’ll find that you’re going to get to six figures by the end of the year easily. But it’s not your big goal. It’s not your main focus. You’re not thinking that far ahead. But each of these three months goals is going to end up leading to you getting to that big one year goal whether you’re focused on it or not. So give this a try.

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