How to make more while working less

What would your life look like if you were making more money in your business but working fewer hours to make it happen? That’s what I wondered when I started this business. 

In my first business, I worked 40-60 hour weeks and it didn’t result in me making any more money. So when I started this business I knew I wanted something different. I knew I wanted time and financial freedom. And I figured out exactly how to do just that.

In this episode, I share with you one of the key business activities (the revenue generating activities) you need to prioritize to make more money while working fewer hours. And it’s not nearly as hard as you might think it is. 

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Podcast Trascript

Prefer to read. Here’s a transcript of the episode. 

 Hey, hey. And welcome back to another episode of the six figure Female Entrepreneur podcast. I am so happy that you are here. I am extremely grateful for all you amazing listeners, the early adopters of this podcast. I just want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you and shout out all of you. You guys, this is why I do this podcast is to help amazing women entrepreneur s just like you, to help you achieve your business goals. And let’s dive into how to actually make that happen.

Because today I want to share with you how to actually make more money while working less. Because I don’t know about you, but I didn’t start my business to work more and make less. I did that in my first business. I was working 40, 50, 60 hours, weeks and I literally was making the same as I did in my corporate income. So more hours, less money. Yeah, it wasn’t fun and I don’t want to see women do that. So in this business, I switched things around. I was all about time and financial freedom, about figuring it out so that I could share that with other women. And I figured out exactly what it takes.

On the business side, I talk about the mindset and the business both. Today we’re going to focus on some business things, some things that you can do to actually start making more money and working less hours. Because how we spend our day, how we put our energy into our business makes a big difference. There’s things that we can be doing that are going to grow our profitability. They’re going to be making big shifts, they’re going to make big impact in our business. Then there are other things in our business that aren’t going to make the big impact, they’re not going to result in money. And those are the things that we don’t want to do. And unfortunately, most of us, I used to be one of those people, we focus too much on the things that don’t bring in the money and not enough on the things that do.

So today I want to focus on how you make more while working less. And the key to that is what we call the revenue generating activities. This is what you want to focus on, to be able to get more done in a shorter amount of time and actually start making way more money. This is the key to business growth. So you’re probably wondering, okay Jen, what are revenue generating activities? And these are anything in your business that could directly result in income or clients. These are the activities that you are going to be doing on a daily and weekly basis that are going to result in you making money in your business.

And along with focusing on these, these are the things you want to prioritize. This is the important part of it. Revenue generating activities only work if you do them. So in order for this to work, these are the things you are going to do very first in your business. Then, once you’re done these things, if there’s time left over, you can do the other things. And this is even more important. Important than client work. Because once you get clients, you just got to focus on keeping them happy, giving them the results, which you’re really good at. That’s why you started your business. You know what you’re doing. But in order to continue generating income, to make more income, to make more each and every month, you need to be focusing on these things first. Because you can be giving your client the best experience ever when they’re done their program with you, when they’re done their course with you. If you are not working to bring more people in, when that person’s done, you’ve lost that revenue and you don’t have other revenue lined up to replace it. So let’s dive into exactly what are the revenue generating activities and how you can start incorporating these into your business, so that you can make more money, more impact and start working less hours.

So these revenue generating activities are all about marketing and sales. Because marketing and sales is what gets us clients, it’s what brings in the money. So this is where we need to be focusing our time. This is where we need to be putting in our effort to create consistent income. We have to create a consistent plan of revenue generating activities. And this is going to work different for everybody because like I always said, business looks different for everyone. You have unique strengths, you have unique weaknesses, desires, ways of doing things. So how you create your marketing plan, where you’re showing up, how you’re marketing yourself is going to be completely unique to another business owner. And that could be someone who has the exact same type of business, is the exact same type of service provider. But again, you are unique. And how you market yourself, how you show up, where you show up, is all going to be unique. So just know when it comes to revenue generating activities, these are unique to you. It is up to you to find that formula, that unique process that works for you. Because it’s not one size fits all. Just like anything in business. If someone says I’ve got the perfect formula that’s going to get you to six figures in six months or 90K in 90 days run, those things don’t work.

So today I want to share with you how to create these revenue generating activities for yourself, how to figure out which ones work for you and how to tweak and adjust. Because this is all about testing. Business is about testing. If you are afraid of failure, business is not for you. Because we fail our way to success. Business is all about trying something, seeing if it works for us, seeing if it works for our business and then if it does, continuing and if it doesn’t, to tweak and shift. And that’s why when it comes to the mindset side of things, I really, really focus on that fear of failure, that getting over those fears because fears can stop us from finding what works for us. We’re so afraid to fail that we don’t even start. And if we don’t start, we can’t figure out what works for us. We can’t figure out what’s going to work for our business and then we don’t even start it, which then results in us not being able to have the income we desire.

So some of the common revenue generating activities, one of them, the biggest one is social media. And I’ve talked about this before, you don’t have to be everywhere. You don’t have to be on all the social media platforms. You need to find the two or three that you love, where your ideal client are, and come up with a way of reaching out to those ideal clients, coming up with a formula to be posting consistently, to be reaching out to potential new clients, and to be doing sales on a regular basis. Because I know people are like, oh, but I can’t be selling all the time, I can’t be promoting all the time. But how else are you going to get sales if you are delivering lots of value? You can also be selling all the time because you are doing people a disservice if you’re giving them all this value and you’re saying, I can help you and I can change things and I can give you this result. But then you’re not telling them how to buy from you, how to work with you, how to actually get that result, because the little bits that you’re sharing on social media, on podcasts, in your email newsletter, those things are great, but they’re not going to get the person all the results they want.

Your stuff you share in small bits, yes, people could piece it together and they could work on it, but they could also come work with you and get the whole complete action plan and have those results quicker and easier. So by you not selling to them every day, by you not sharing your knowledge and saying, hey, if you want more, if you want that complete outcome, if you want result XYZ, come work with me. This is how you can do it. This is my programs, this is my application. You need to be selling every day in some way or another. And this isn’t just hard sells, this is, hey, if you want to know more, send me a DM. Hey, you’re wondering how this will work for me? Send me a message. Hey, you want a free training? Here’s a free training. I have you’re struggling with XYZ, here’s a free training to help with that. It doesn’t have to feel spammy. It doesn’t have to be, buy from me, buy from me, buy from me. Because that’s what a lot of women feel is, oh, I’m being spammy. You’re not being spammy, you are being helpful. You can’t help people if they don’t know how you help them or how to work with you. So focusing on sales and doing sales each and every day is a priority, even if it’s just telling people, go check out my programs and courses. Come check out this freebie, whatever it is, be selling every day, and alongside of this is being active on social media every day.

You need to have your place on the internet where people can find you and they can show up on a regular basis and they see you there. And consistency in showing up doesn’t mean you have to do it every day, seven days a week. Not everybody is comfortable doing that, and that’s okay, but consistency is what can you do consistently? Are you showing up three times a week? Can you consistently be there three times a week? Whether that’s. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, finding a consistent way of showing up. Find what that is for you and show up on those dates. Show up consistently so that people can see you. Because if you’re showing up consistently every day for two weeks and then you disappear for two weeks, people are going to be like, what happened? What’s going on? And they’re going to lose interest and they’re going to find some else who is talking about the same thing, who can give them the results, who’s talking about it regularly, who’s showing up and selling to them and saying, here, buy my course, I’ll fix you.

So by you not showing up consistently, you’re losing potential clients, but you’re also affecting those potential clients because you’re not giving them the outcome they desire. They could potentially lose out on getting their big goals because you’re not selling and you’re not showing up and telling them how to do it. So find those social media channels that you can be consistent on, that you can show up consistently on and be telling people how they can work with you. This also then ties into what I talk about as legacy content. Whether that’s a podcast, a YouTube, a blog, some sort of long form piece of content that people are going to expect from you every week. If you say you’re going to put out a podcast each and every week, you better be showing up at the same time each and every week. Because if people show up one day and you’re not there or you’re not there for two weeks, people are going to go find another podcast to listen to. They’re going to go find someone else to listen to to get that consistency. Because people like consistency.

And that’s where these revenue generating activities, creating that consistency is key. So how I do this is I put together a checklist for myself and this is what I call my weekly checklist. And some of these things I start the week before. If I’m creating content in advance, I will look at my checklist, I will start creating my content and I will add it to that checklist. And then what I do is throughout the week I check things off my list. So if I say I’m going to consistently post five times a week on social media, I have five spots for my social media posts. And then in there I write down what is it? Is it a reel? Is it a carousel? Is it a video? Is it an IG live. What is it that I am doing? And I write that in. And then each time I do it, I check it off. Same with my podcast. Once I have my podcast recorded, I have it scheduled and ready to go out on Mondays like it always does. I check that off my list. If I’m following up with potential customers, I write their name on those. These are people I need to follow up this week. I also have a time on my task list.

Every day I have time set aside for client interactions. Because if you’re not reaching out to potential new clients, you’re not bringing people into your world. And just posting on social media doesn’t bring people in. It works. And some people will find you, and some people will reach out. But you need to be doing your own client outreach. You need to be finding new clients for yourself. And I’ll talk about this on another podcast. How? I go about bringing new followers, finding potential new clients, how to nurture those relationships. But just know that nurturing relationships and finding potential new clients and helping bring people to your social media are all important revenue generating activities. Because you need to be constantly having new people come into your world, new potential buyers, because some people are ready to buy now, some people aren’t. And when you’re constantly having new people coming into your world, you’re finding new ways and new potential clients to buy from you, to spend money with you, to increase your income. So finding potential clients is a revenue generating activity.

This could also mean spending time in Facebook groups, other people’s groups, becoming the expert, sharing your knowledge, answering people’s questions, whatever it is, you’re just spending time each and every day doing outreach. And if you only have time to do one thing each and every day, this should be your priority. This is how you generate those relationships that get people wanting to buy from you. Social media posts are very important too, and I highly suggest doing those. But if you only have time for one thing, I highly suggest doing this because that’s what builds that know like and trust factor.

So figure out for you what are the activities that could be potentially bringing in new clients. Put together a to do list, even if that looks like just a blank sheet of paper with lines on it, with tick boxes on it that you can check off. And each week write out your to do list. And then what I like to do is at the beginning of the week I write out that to do list and then I roughly put a day beside it. What day do I think I’m going to be doing? That doesn’t mean I have to stick to that day, but what day do I roughly want to do that? Like, if my newsletter comes out on Thursday, I know I need to complete that by Wednesday. So I’m probably going to schedule it for Monday or Tuesday, going to get it done. Same with my podcast. I want to have it scheduled, I want to have it in the calendar ready to go for Friday so I don’t have to worry about it. So it’s ready to come out on Monday. So start thinking about things, start creating that list. And then if you need to prioritize the things, there are certain things, like I said, social media posting you’re probably going to do every day. So then you’re going to have that on your list each and every day. And if you want to make this even more effective, you can even break this big to do list down into a daily to do list. So then you can print out say, a one week calendar. And on each of the days you can put the to dos on each of those days.

For me, I don’t like scheduling specific things for specific days, just because I like to work with my energy cycles. I don’t have consistent energy every day. I don’t wake up every day ready to nail it, ready to take on the world, ready to do everything. I have some days where I’m like, full of energy and I get a ton of stuff done. And then there’s other days I wake up and I’m like, ugh, there’s no way I could record a podcast today. There’s no way I could do a reel or a video. So for me, I like to have just an overarching to do list. And then when I wake up in the morning, I’m like, okay, is it a high energy day? If so, let’s start banging out those high energy activities, like doing this podcast or doing a video. And then on other days I look at it and go, okay, this is a low energy day. What can I do? This is the days I’m going to edit my podcast. I’m going to edit short form videos, I’m going to create captions for my social media posts. These are the things I’m going to work on. And for me, this works.

And maybe you’re the same as me, maybe you’re that type of person who needs that flexibility, and yet you’ve been trying to force yourself into a little bubble of, I have to do this this day. I have to do this this day. So, no, you need to tweak and shift and play around with these revenue generating activities and how you do them and how you show up to find what works for you. So if you like the consistency of I’m doing this on Monday, this on Tuesday, this on Wednesday, great. But if you’re more like me and you need to work with your energy, then plan your weeks out that way, but still focus on those revenue generating activities because those are the things that are going to bring you in the money. And again, it’s all about finding what works for you.

So I like to say to track these things at the start. So track your podcast listeners. Track how many people are getting on your email list, how many people are opening your emails. Track how many new followers you’re getting on social media. When I first started this, I was tracking on a weekly basis how many new followers was I getting, how many followers was I losing? Same with my podcast. I’m looking, how many average listens am I getting every week? How many new listens am I getting? How am I promoting the podcast? I’m playing around with promotional strategies. Do I do it in my stories? Do I do it on my feed? Do I do it on other platforms? Do I mention it in my email newsletter? I’m playing around because the podcast is still relatively new and I haven’t found that perfect formula. But even when you find that perfect formula, as we all know, things change. Algorithms change on social media platforms. So what used to work may not work now. So it’s being in that headspace of playing around and investigating and trying and just doing things till you find the thing that works and the thing that feels good to you. Because again, it has to feel good or we’re not going to do it. This is all about building a business. You love doing the things you need to do to be successful.

And I want to briefly touch on things that aren’t revenue generating activities. And this is one of the things that I hear a lot of women say to me, and they go, oh, but I’m doing these things that are supposed to be bringing me money, but these are what I call make work activities. These are things that you do that make you feel like you’re being productive, but they actually don’t result in money coming into your business. Therefore, they’re actually time wasting activities. We do these things because of fear. So if we’re doing these things and we don’t get the success, it’s like, okay, you know what? You’re not putting yourself out there. You’re not selling. You’re not doing things that could potentially end up in rejection, but in your mind, you’re still thinking, oh, but this is going to result in money.

And one of those things I see most often is people tweak. Their website. I’m talking to people and they’re like, it’s not perfect yet. Oh, it’s not quite ready. Or they’re tweaking sales pages, oh, I need to change the font, I need to change this wording, I need to add this in, I need to make it prettier. These things are not going to end up giving you more revenue. Did you know most people don’t even visit people’s websites anymore? I know so many entrepreneurs that don’t even have websites and are making six and multiple six figures, they just don’t even worry about it. As long as you’re showing up and giving people an opportunity to get to know you, whether that’s through social media, sales calls, whatever it is, podcasts, YouTube channel, people are going to get to know you. They’re going to get to like you and they’re going to get to trust you and they’re going to want to buy from you.

They’re not going to care if you don’t have a website or maybe you don’t even have a sales page. I know so many women and that sell just by saying, hey, this is the course, this is what’s included. Do you want to join? And people will join that way. Not everybody, because again, everyone buys differently, but people all buy differently. How you show up, you got to show up what works for you and what works for your clients. So focusing on a website is not going to get you revenue. Putting that same amount of time, that 30 minutes you’re spending a day on, updating your website, if you spent that 30 minutes on your social media, you’re going to end up with way more clients doing that. It’s starting to shift where you’re spending your time.

Another thing that people do that can result in more money, but also can be what we consider a time waster. And again, something we do when we’re in that fear state, when we’re afraid of the success, when we’re afraid of the failure, when we have limiting beliefs come up. And that’s the learning side of things. We’re reading more books, we’re taking more courses, we’re doing things and we’re thinking, oh, well, this is going to make us money. But those things don’t directly result in us making money. Yes, learning, taking courses, expanding our knowledge is extremely important. But if you’re doing that instead of doing the things that are going to bring you in money, like if each day you’re focusing more on learning than you are on posting, on social media, doing sales out suites, having sales conversations, if you’re doing that, then you’re procrastinating you’re not doing things that are going to bring you money. Instead. Again, prioritize the money making activities. Do them first, and then if you have time left over after you’ve done those, now is the time to learn. Now is the time to grow, to take the courses, to read the books, to learn new knowledge. But learning new knowledge, if you’re not implementing that knowledge is not going to get you anywhere.

So I want you to think about now. What are revenue generating activities that you could be doing? What are things that you could be implementing in your business right now on a daily and weekly basis that are going to get you in front of more people and get more people buying from you? And again, some things are more impactful than others. Post inconsistently on your social media is great. It’s going to get people to know, like, and trust you. But. Going out and being a guest on someone else’s Facebook or Instagram Live, going out and being a podcast on someone else’s podcast, going out and guest experting in someone’s Facebook group. Those are going to be more impactful because they’re going to bring new people into your world and then your social media is going to help nurture those people to become clients. Same with an email newsletter. Again, I know a lot of people don’t like it, but they are really impactful. Having a weekly newsletter where you’re in contact with your potential clients, where you’re sharing with them what you’re up to, sharing your knowledge with them, and sharing the offers you have available, that is going to be more impactful than some other opportunities. And again, selling every day.

So I want you to take time today, get out a piece of paper and ask yourself, how can I show up each and every week? What are the revenue generating activities that I can do that will help result in me getting more clients? And start thinking about your email newsletter. Start thinking about your long term legacy content. Start thinking about your social media. Start thinking about sales. How are you selling? How often are you selling? Where are you selling? Are you doing sales calls? How often are you doing those? Who are you reaching out to? How are you booking them? Start thinking about all of these things and ask yourself, how can I be more impactful? How can I prioritize these activities in my business? And what are the activities I need to be prioritizing? And the easiest way to figure that out is ask yourself, could this ultimately result in me having a client or a potential client? If the answer is no, then don’t do it. Put those things aside. If you’ve got extra time, then you can go in and focus on those. But always put your energy into the revenue generating activities first and you’re going to be so happy you did.

And if you want some suggestions, if you want some ideas, if you’re wondering if you’re on the right path, send me a message and ask me. Head over and join me on Instagram. Follow me and actually send me a message because I do reply to my own messages. I love helping you ladies out. I love giving you guys tips and tools and giving you advice and giving you feedback that really lights me up. So if you have a question or if you’re wondering if you’re doing the right activities or where you should maybe be spending your time and energy, send me a message. Ask me. I’m more than happy to give you some free advice to get you started.

I know what it’s like to be early on in my career. I know what it’s like to be struggling and wondering, am I doing the right thing? And I don’t want to leave you struggling like that. I actually am here to help you out. So if you’re wanting help, send me a DM. I’d love to give you some advice, give you some tips, give you some tools, and just let you know if you’re on the right track or not. So always feel free to message me.

And if you’re really wanting some help and you’re really wanting some nitty gritty, get in there, get things done, get an action plan in place. S then why don’t you grab one of my free podcast strategy calls? I’m going to be offering these. They’re going to be coming out very soon. These free podcast strategy calls are 30 minutes of pure strategy, where you’re going to come to me with a big struggle, a big thing. You need help within your business. And we’re literally, in 30 minutes, going to nail out a new strategy for you.

We’re going to lay out a plan that you can take and implement in your business and start making money today. So if you’re wondering maybe what your revenue generating activities are, where you should be spending your time and your energy, how you should be selling, how you should be promoting yourself, grab one of these free podcast calls.

And then I’m going to be sharing these amazing podcast episodes with my audience, just like you. And you get to share all about your business. So not only are you getting free business building advice to help you make more money, but you’re also getting to share about your business and what you do and who you help to my audience on my social media here on the podcast. So if you’re wanting some free advice, then head over and apply for a free podcast strategy call today and I’d love to help you out.