Scale your online service-based business to 6 figures in 20hrs week or less

Only 12% of female entrepreneurs make 6 figures or more!

🗙 You didn’t start your business to work more and make less 

🗙 You didn’t start your business to hustle and burnout

🗙You didn’t start your business to doubt your worth and abilities


Why settle for what you didn’t want! When you can create a business and life that gives you everything you dreamt of and more! With a unique combination of mindset and business coaching, Jen helps you make way more while working less!

Meet Jen

Jen is on a mission to help ambitious female services providers ditch the hustle culture and build the lifestyle business that they have always dreamt about. A business that makes them lots of money and gives them the time to enjoy it and the other important things in life. 

After crippling burnout in her first business, Jen knew there must be a better way to achieve success. Her inquisitive nature ultimately lead her into the world of mindset and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Jen now owns a successful 6 figure plus business and along with her background in business, she also holds a BA in Psychology and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

She is passionate about helping women remove all their limiting beliefs and self-doubt and showing them a different way to do business. A way that works around their needs, strengths, and desires. There’s no cookie-cutter advice here. 


Which one is right for you?

(Not sure which program is best for you? Send me a message and I’ll be happy to help.)

Stop struggling to create a successful business and let Jen show you how.

With only 12% of female entrepreneurs making 6 figures or more, women are working more and making less. With a unique combination of mindset and business strategies, Jen helps you create the time and financial freedom you have always dreamt of. And it’s done in a way that feels good to you. No cookie-cutter programs here! 

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