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Only 12% of female entrepreneurs make 6 figures or more!

🗙 You didn’t start your business to work more and make less 

🗙 You didn’t start your business to hustle and burnout

🗙You didn’t start your business to doubt your worth and abilities


Why settle for what you didn’t want! When you can create a business and life that gives you everything you dreamt of and more! With a unique combination of mindset and business coaching, Jen helps you make way more while working less!

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The 6 figure female entrepreneur podcast is for coaches, consultants, and online service providers who are looking to hit 6 figures and beyond while working less.

Reels/Tik Tok Story Template

Grab this free guide with template, to help you incorporate the power of story into your short-form videos. Story is the most powerful form of marketing out there. Let’s get it working for you.  

Abundance Mindset Hypnosis

The key to abundance lies within your mindset. This hypnosis audio will help you rewire your mind away from the lack and into an abundance mindset so you can easily create your dream business and life.

Are you ready to hit 6 figures and beyond in your business with my help?

My clients are not only hitting 10K plus months in their business but they are doing it while working less hours and enjoying their life and business so much more! They are making their dreams come true!


Private Mentorship

Receive high-level support from me to start and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond. 

Group Coaching

In my signature group program, you learn exactly what you need to do in order to start and/or scale your business to six figures. 

Self Study Courses

A variety of business and mindset courses to help you get one step closer to your 6 figure years. 

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